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Bandits kill 31 bush taxi passengers in Madagascar
Thursday, 23 June 2016 11:17 Published in Africa

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Antananarivo: Thirty one passengers onboard a bush taxi were killed by bandits in southwestern Madagascar, authorities said on Wednesday.

The bush taxi, carrying 32, was assaulted by bandits on its way from Toliara to Beroroha, southwestern Madagascar, command of National Gendarmerie Daniel Ramiandrisoa told a press conference, Xinhua reported.

"Around 20 bandits put a dam on the road of the bush taxi, the driver could manage to escape it, but the bandits shot the rear tire and overthrew the car," Ramiandrisoa said.

According to the command, 10 children are among the victims. Only one survived from the attack, but he is seriously injured.

The bandits robbed a cash around 7 million Ariary (about $2000) before absconding, he said.

Some hours before this tragedy, the same bandits also attacked a military vehicle on the same trajectory, Ramiandrisoa added.

General Anthony Rakotoarison, director of Security and Investigation under the National Gendarmerie, said the ministry of National Defence sent 50 military elements to restore peace in the area. 

  • Input: IANS