French Thief Who Escaped In A Hollywood-Style Prison Break, Arrested
Thursday, 04 October 2018 09:45 Published in Europe

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PARIS: A gangster who made a Hollywood-style helicopter prison break was arrested in northern France early Wednesday after three months on the run, at times hiding under a burqa to get around, officials and sources close to the inquiry said.

Notorious French robber Redoine Faid was captured during the night in the Oise region north of Paris along with his brother and a nephew, Paris prosecutor Francois Molins told a press conference.

He said that a few days ago police saw a person wearing a burqa, a loose garment worn by some Muslim women which covers the entire face except the eyes, get into a car driven by a young woman.

"His way of walking suggested that it might be a man," Molins said.

On Tuesday night police spotted the person, again under a burqa, getting out of the car and entering the young woman's home in Creil.

Another person wearing a burqa entered the building shortly afterwards.

That prompted the police raid on the fourth-floor apartment which captured Faid, 46, along with the female driver.

"I saw around 100 police officers wearing balaclavas. I knew they were looking for Redoine," Alliou Diallo, who lives on the ground floor of the building, told AFP.

"The neighbourhood has always been quite calm. I never thought he could be here," he said.

A second nephew was arrested during an operation in nearby Villers-Saint-Paul, and two others at their homes in the Paris region.


  • Input: IANS

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