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Easy way to give a quirky twist to bar at home
Saturday, 28 May 2016 16:29 Published in Research & Survey

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New Delhi: Want to move on from the usual brown and black for the bar corner at your place? Use bright neon lights, pop art prints and funky wall art for a quirky look to it, says an expert.

Chirag Nangia, founder of Thecrazyme.com, has shared some tips that can turn around a dull-dim corner of your home into a funky bar:

* Use bright neon lights over the bar space to give a retro look that catches attention instantly.

* Look for a quirky cabinet with pop art prints, it would not only be a space to stack all the liquor and glasses, but also be a great furniture item that will brighten up the bar. 

* Find a good stand to place your collectibles if you want to flaunt your collection of wines, whiskeys and stunning glassware.

* Not all bright colours are considered quirky. Choose colours wisely and stick more towards reds, yellows, oranges, grass greens and indigos.

* Most importantly settle on the coolest bar accessories for your bar like trendy beer mugs, wine glasses, bar mats, shot glasses, and place them beautifully on to the shelves.

* You can put lights over the shelves where you have your bar accessories at display.

* Use some funky wall arts to display your witty side and add that extra fun to the little corner.

* You can use mirror items to give an illusion of a bigger space and you can also place the mirror on the inside of your display cabinet.

* An out of the box design for a lamp will be the icing on the cake while you set up the bar platform. Place it in a corner that is hard to miss.

* Tissue boxes and wine holders that have an edgy design and in vibrant colours are a must have. 

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