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Heart disease greater in people living near oil & gas wells

Thursday, 13 December 2018 19:22
People living near areas with oil and gas exploration sites could be at more risk of developing cardiovascular disease, say researchers. The pilot study found that those who lived in these areas showed early signs of CVD, including higher blood…

Don't blame media for teenagers' sexual conduct

Friday, 01 July 2016 15:49
New York: The media neither contributes to the early initiation of sex among teenagers nor to their sexual conduct more generally, says a study, suggesting that parents must enlighten children on sex-related queries so that they do not wander in…

A little butter a day may not harm your heart

Thursday, 30 June 2016 14:16
New York: Consuming butter in limited quantities may not increase the risk of heart disease or stroke -- and it might actually be slightly protective against diabetes, finds a new study.The findings showed that patients suffering from heart problems or…

Excess, insufficient sleep may raise diabetes risk in men

Thursday, 30 June 2016 12:43
London: Sleeping more or less than the average seven hours may increase the risk of developing diabetes in men, a new study warns.The findings showed that men who slept the least and the most were more likely to have an…

Living near nature may cut aggressive behaviour in teenagers

Wednesday, 29 June 2016 15:22
New York: Adolescents living in neighbourhoods with more greenery may exhibit less aggressive behaviour, finds a new study.The findings showed that increasing greenery levels like parks, golf courses or fields, might lead to a 12 per cent decrease in clinical…

Helicopter parenting may up depression risk in your kids

Wednesday, 29 June 2016 12:52
New York: Parents who tend to get overly involved in the affairs of their kids, may kindly note: Crossing the line between supportive and too involved could indirectly lead to issues such as depression and anxiety for young adults, a…

Physical activities can boost children's health, intellect

Tuesday, 28 June 2016 16:52
London: Children who regularly participate in physical activities are likely to have improved brain function, intellect and academic performance, says a research.The findings showed that regular exercise can help children in developing important life skills, boost self-esteem, motivation, confidence as…

Simple steps to beautify your abode

Friday, 24 June 2016 17:42
New Delhi: It is always advisable to paint your house once you have completely shifted in and go for subtle colour schemes as it is easy to pull it off with all kinds of stuff inside, says an expert.Anjali Jain,…

Broccoli may help fight head, neck cancer recurrence

Friday, 24 June 2016 17:40
New York: Increased consumption of superfood broccoli may help prevent the recurrence of cancer cells in survivors of head and neck cancer, a new study has found."With head and neck cancer, we often clear patients of cancer only to see…

Healthy diet, walnuts may help fight ageing effects

Thursday, 23 June 2016 13:09
New York: Eating an overall healthy diet, including certain foods such as walnuts and other whole foods, may reduce the risk of physical function impairments throughout the ageing process in women, a new study has found.Women who consumed 1-2 servings…