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New TV show 'Siya Ke Ram' to tell 'Ramayan' from Sita's perspective
Thursday, 29 October 2015 13:52 Published in TV

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Hyderabad: The story of Ram and Sita has been told and retold over generations, but a new TV show "Siya Ke Ram", is set to bring a fresh perspective on "Ramayan". The story will be seen from Sita’s perspective.

The Star Plus show's cast was unveiled at an event at the Ramoji Film City here on Wednesday.

Mythological TV shows are not new to the small screen, but the makers of hit TV show "Devon Ke Dev Mahadev" are attempting to take the unbeaten path, which according to producer-director Nikhil Sinha is something that will appeal to today's "rational" youth.

"When it comes to mythological adaptations, we have always incorporated what is written, and not asked questions. But with the change of time in the last three to four years, with the new generation today... They are very rational. They want to know the why and hows," Sinha told IANS here.

The show will feature actors Dalip Tahil as Dashrath, Bijay Anand as Janak, Grusha Kapoor as Kaikeyi, Aashish Sharma as Ram, Karan Suchak as Lakshman, Bhargavi Chirmule as Sunaina, Snigdha Akolkar as Kaushalya and Sampada Vaze as Sumitra. Newcomer Madirakshi will be seen as Sita.

Given the creative masterminds who have worked on "Siya Ke Ram", it seems like it will be a promising show.

It is onceptualised by Aniruddh Pathak, who has also came up with "Devon ke Dev Mahadev"; envisioned and created by Anand Neelkanthan, author of the book "Asura". Devdutt Patnaik, author of "Shikhandi" and "Sita's Ramayana", is creative consultant for it.

"The facts of the show have been gathered by a big research team, because we did not want to go wrong with this sensitive subject. We have taken it from the original story," Sinha said.

"Devdutt Patnaik is our philosophical guru. He was there for '...Mahadev' as well. He helped us with the real philosophy behind the story. He has a very important role in this show," he added.

"Siya Ke Ram" also spells grandeur with its amazing graphics.

"We have stressed on how realistic we can get. When you see the promo, there are certain times when people get confused whether it is real or graphic. So we have tried to diminish that difference," Sinha said.

Since the show is from Sita's perspective, Dalip, who will portray the role of Sita's father-in-law Dashrath, believes that looking at today's culture, it is very important to establish the kind of person Sita was.

"Sita was not a doormat, she was an individual with free independent thinking. She was a strong person," Dalip, a veteran actor, said here.

(The writer's trip is at the invitation of Star Plus. Kishori Sud can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

  • Input: IANS

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