Princess Diana's Private Tapes Will Be Revealed, Royals Are Unhappy
Friday, 04 August 2017 20:15 Published in U.K.

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LONDON: A British broadcaster will air a salacious TV documentary about the late Princess Diana on Sunday despite pleas from her family, friends and former courtiers to scuttle a program that includes clips of Diana discussing her sex life and unhappy marriage with Prince Charles.

The British broadcaster Channel 4 defended the use of the private musings of Diana as an important historical document and said the recordings offered unique insights into her life as the anniversary of her death approaches later this month.

Historic as the tapes may or may not be, the Daily Mail tabloid went with the headline: "Charles and Diana 'didn't have sex for seven years': How Prince transformed from being 'all over his wife like a bad rash' before their love life 'fizzled out entirely' after Harry was born."

Dickie Arbiter, author of "On Duty with the Queen," a book about his years as press secretary at Buckingham Palace, said airing the recordings was "exploitive."

"We don't need to know all these things. He was all over me like a rash? Keep private things private," Arbiter told The Washington Post.

Regardless, Arbiter predicted that the show would prove irresistible for many who want to watch Diana face the camera and offer some of her most intimate observations.

One of Diana's former body guards, who appears on the program, said the princess would support the airing of the 25-year-old tapes.

"She would love it," Ken Wharfe told the Associated Press.

"'For the first time, she would say, 'People are actually listening to and hearing what I am saying.' " said Wharfe, who served as Diana's protection officer between 1986 and 1993.

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