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Average woman applies over 500 chemicals to her body everyday
Tuesday, 11 June 2013 12:01 Published in Women

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The average woman applies more than 500 chemicals to her body every day during her beauty routine, a study conducted by Bionsen- natural deodorant company- in the UK has revealed.

Another research by the University of California, Berkeley, found that lipsticks could contain as many as nine different metals, reported.


The study suggested that a lipstick used twice a day, provide more than 20 per cent of a person’s acceptable daily intake (ADI) for aluminium, cadmium and manganese, while some exceeded the ADI for chromium- a metal that has been linked to stomach tumours.


Berkeley researcher Katharine Hammond has revealed that some of these toxic metals are occurring at levels that could have an effect on long-term health.


Earlier studies have shown that over-exposure to some chemicals has been linked to toxicity in the nervous system and cancer.


It is now known that parabens mimic- synthetic preservatives in everything from toothpaste to shampoo- are the hormone estrogen, which raises concerns over a link to breast cancer and fertility issues.


Meanwhile, a recent study by Stony Brook University in New York found that gold nanoparticles accumulate in stem cells and could accelerate ageing and wrinkling, slow healing and lead to the onset of diabetes.

Bionsen spokesperson Charlotte Smith said that lots of the hi-tech, new generation cosmetics and beauty ‘wonder’ treatments contain more chemicals to be able to achieve better results, which means women carry more chemicals than ever.

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