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Why women are louder than men at strip shows
Sunday, 23 June 2013 18:50 Published in Women

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Women are louder than men when watching the opposite sex strip, it has been revealed.

Michael Cooper, one of the men from Badboys Australia who will perform at the Springwood Hotel, said women were often a lot louder than their male counterparts at strip shows.

He said that guys get it all and they are different, but girls are way more responsive and louder when it comes to these events, the Courier Mail reported.

Albert and Logan News readers agree but have differing reasons as to why women are louder than men.

One Susi Jaques said it was because women were more comfortable expressing their excitement.

She said that men on the other hand have always liked to watch and wait for the object of their attention to “bring it” to them.

Debbie Chance said it was because women go to these shows for a good laugh where as men go for a good look. And Kylie Jane Fawdry said women were simply better at showing their appreciation, hence they were always louder than men.

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